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    We are heading into the last week and a half  before  the Fair show on Sat Sept 7th. Here are some important tips.

    -We meet at 0730 that morning at the Fairgrounds. Go to Gate 3 on San Pedro. Someone from he club will be there to guide you. You MUST approach the gate from San Pedro heading south form Lomas, as Central Ave will be bogged down with fair parade staging. There will be a sign stating   “No left turn” when you arrive at the gate. We have been given permission from the fair to ignore that.  There should be a club member directing you form there. If you get there before them, go straight up form the gate to just before the old Downs, turn left, drive past Tingley then left onto Heritage.  IF THE FAIR SECURITY AT THE GATE TELLS YOU TO TURN LEFT ONTO MAIN STREET, IGNORE THEM Then forgive them for they know not what they do.  Once you get to Heritage, You may have to park to the right side of the street till you are signaled to proceed  to your show spot. Please be patient. Once you are parked and ready, your help in placing stanchions , or  any other tasks would be appreciated. The show officially starts at 0900 when the gates open for our adoring public.

    We will be there till 3pm or so. Once we are there, you cannot leave unless it is an emergency as they have to close the midway down to allow you out.  After the show, we will crusie to Sonic on Eubank at Lomas for a post show get together. We have been doing this since we started doing this show and has always been fun. You are not required to join us, as I know that some people may want to just go home and rest after a busy day.

    If you have ANY questions or are running late or cannot make it, please call me at 505-514-3360. There will be NO admission to the grounds after 8:30 AM.

    If at all possible,, please come to the meeting on Tue Sept 3rd for final instructions and to receive a map. If you can’t, please call  or txt me me so I can arrange to get you one.

    I met with Eric Green  from KOAT yesterday and we are all set for him to b e a judge and hand out his own award “Eric’s Choice”, new to this years show.

    THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT. We meet regardless of weather. If it looks like rain and you are not comfortable with coming to the event, that is your decision. Just call me at the number above and let me know. I will be following the weather reports the week prior. I would note however that one year it rained all night before the show, and some people bowed out because of it. Unfortunately  for them, it cleared up just as we assembles that morning and didnt rain again till about an hour or two after the show. We had perfect weather for the show.

    Please feel free to call or txt me with ANY questions. 505-514-3360

    I am still taking names for the waiting list should anyone want to sign up now.



    -We assemble at the fair gounds at 0730

    -From Lomas, Head South down San Pedro towards Central.

    -Turn Left at Gate 3 (@ Copper). Turn left into the Gate, Ignore the NO LEFT TURN sign. We will  have a club member there.

    -Head straight up the street past  Main Street and the midway and turn left just before the old downs.

    -Drive past Tingley

    -Turn left onto Herritage between the Lujan Bldg and Creative Arts.

    -We assemble at 0730

    -We are there till 3 PM

    -There will be a group photo at 0900

    -Bring lawn chairs, pop up 10×10 tent and  non alcoholic drinks.

    -It is going to be 90+ degrees, so stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. i will bring a case of water if anyone has a cooler with ice, that would be great.

    -If you are running late or need to cancel out, please call  me at 505-514-3360. Also call me with ANY questions.


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