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    Hey, I am looking for somebody to help me tune and set up my Kadron duals correctly.  I’ve got a wideband, which is showing me some strange readings.  It seems like there’s nobody in town with any clue about Kardrons, or just carbs in general, but I’d love to find a real expert.  Thanks for any leads; finder’s fee offered if you can connect me with somebody experienced and competent.  Thanks!  Please call or text 505 506-21nine3 with any info.







    You’re kidding, nobody?

    Have you tried Foreign Aid  505-255-9417

    Or Skinners;


    Good luck!



    Totally not kidding; it’s hard to find a competent carb tuner anywhere these days.

    I’ll definitely check out Skinner’s; that seems like the one hope, and thanks for the recommendation.  Wish I could find an enthusiast/hobby mechanic who knows what’s up with the subtleties of Kads, but so far no dice…

    I wouldn’t take a vehicle to Foreign “Aide” if they paid me $100/hour for the privilege.  Never met a worse shop in my life.  Too bad that’s the only one in ABQ for aircooled VW…  Total boycott in my book. Ripoff prices, lies, and a bad attitude all around.  Nope, never again.  I’ve got a few horror stories about FA, quit going there years ago.



    “I’ve got a wideband, which is showing me some strange readings.”

    Forgive my ignorance, what is a wideband?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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