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Putting in a tow hitch for 74 Bug?

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Putting in a tow hitch for 74 Bug?

Postby Muddbug74 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:24 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of putting a tow hitch on my 74 Beetle (regular, 1641 hp) for LIGHT towing
and wondered if anyone has done this and has any special instructions or comments. I'm probably
going through UHaul and have to have this ordered as they are discontinued but have a few in stock.
I've found some forums online that indicate that the wiring for the lights could be difficult, and I want to make sure that UHaul does this right and doesn't end up tearing my car up due to the fact that they don't see them like they used to and
the generation of mechanics who used to own or have even seen an old VW up close is now fewer and far-er between! :|
Any tips appreciated!
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