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Jetting for Albuquerque altitude 5,000' 34 PICT 3

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Jetting for Albuquerque altitude 5,000' 34 PICT 3

Postby Nelson64Baja » Thu May 21, 2015 6:06 am

Guys and Gals,

1600DP, 34 PICT 3, Pertronix SVDA, extractor exhaust into a quiet pack style muffler (thunderbird).

I'm running strong, but rich with the stock 34 PICT 3 jet set (127.5 main, 55 idle, 80Z air correction). John Connolly at, who is a widely respected guru, is sending me 120 main and 45 idle. He also recommends that I ream my air correction to 1mm which equates to 100Z. Fortunately I have an extra as they don't make replacements that I can find.

I found it interesting that Jerry at General Parts does not stock these sizes.

Rob and Dave's VW (great online resource) recommends 125 main and 50 idle as the combo for 5,000' altitude.

I am going to try John's jets this weekend and will report back. Just wanted to see what the locals felt about it.

Let me know!

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