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Postby tomthetoyman » Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:34 am

Hi Familia,
Below is a copy of an e-mail I received from our friends (a father and son team) in Montana.

Tom & Bill,

Great News!

Michael and I have the new pans welded in. We just finished the undercoating all.

Have our tranny being rebuilt and upgraded to 4:12 (he might have one done we can just swap) and we're having a 1600 single port prepared. We hope to insall both in 2-3 weeks.

Over the summer we hope to get all running gear , calbes, brakes, and all working.

Found a collapsable steering column (safety), high back seats (safety) and two rear fenders.

Will put in front discs, 3/4 anti-roll bar, plus a rear swing axle stabalizer (not anti-sway bar) all for safety - handling.

As soon as we get the chasis done we plan moving onto the body. We will sand and prep, but are sending it out for a pro paint job. It's a long road, but we are still on it.

We want an older period-like color, but nor necessarily and orgianl factory offering because for 63 they're all dull (White- black-gray). If anyone in the club has any advice or color suggestions have them e-mail me. We're entertaining Tahiti Coral or the VW dull green of I think 62.

God bless you (Tom and Bill) and the club members who support us in our quest to resurrect this 63 Beattle!


P.S. In our garage we hung a large framed 1953 poster of Beattle bodies on the assembly line in Wolfsburg as inspiration. So far so good.

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