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Slow drag Rules

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Slow drag Rules

Postby vdubzen » Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:37 am

Albuquerque Air Alliance / Rt. 66 Aircooled VW Club Slow Drag Rules

1. Open to ALL Members and Guests with VW cars registered at Busses and Balloons.
2. Your PINK SLIP NUMBER determines your first round race. BE THERE ON TIME, PLEASE, or you will be eliminated!
3. Engines MUST be running at the start line, in a forward gear, AND all during the race.
4. There are NO red light fouls.
5. Braked lights MUST be operational and ON at the start line.
6. If the brake light comes on ANY time after the start- the car will be eliminated (black flagged).
7. NO clutch slipping allowed nor can the clutch be depressed during the race (honesty will prevail).
8. Nothing outside the car is allowed to touch the ground, except the 4 tires (no anchors, cinder blocks, or tug ropes, trailers included)
9. No more than 50 people allowed in the car, or 10,000 lbs internal weight.
10. First car across the finish line will be BLACK FLAGGED and ELIMINATED; the second car will received the CHECKERED FLAG and will advance to the next round.
11. RACE DURATION WILL NOT EXCEED: __45__ Seconds; which ever car is closest to the FINISH LINE will be BLACK FLAGGED and eliminated; the car closest to the START LINE will get the CHECKERED FLAG and will advance to the next round.
12. Sorry: NO on track grievances.
13. Tires must LOOK properly inflated.
14. NO working on cars once the race begins. Hoods must remain CLOSED until eliminated.
15. ALL cars MUST race in the forward position, (SAFETY FIRST, FUN SECOND)
17. Winner receives a 50.00 Wolfsburg West Gift Certificate!.
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