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Twinkle Light Parade 2016!!!

Twinkle Light Parade 2016!!!

Postby 505BusFanatic » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:26 pm

Once again it is time for hot chocolate, family, friends, and the Twinkle Light Parade. This year it will be held on Saturday December 3rd and in the same location as last year, on Central Ave. between Washington and Girard. The title of our clubs entry this year is, "Dashing Through the Snow is a Calssic VW".
We need 6 Air-cooled ships to participate in this event. As of right now this is our list...
1. Alfonso, Rochel, Savannah
2. George Sieber
3. Marvin, Erica, Joe
4. James
5. Jorge
6. JC and Gina

It would be nice to have an extra backup/reserve dub ready to go in case anyone has any issues come up. :) The minimum number of lights again this year is 400 per vehicle. If you would like to be on the reserves list, please do let me know. Thanks. :)

Any walkers with the car club will need to carry battery powered lights or glow sticks (I have plenty of glow sticks and battery powered lights for anyone that wants to walk with our entry)

The actual participation time and all of the logistics will be updated as they arrive.
We need all 6 to keep the trophy in our possession. We are the 2012, 2013, 2015 "Best Car Club" trophy winners. If we can get all 6 participants, we will bring the trophy back to our club for 2016. :)

Thanks everyone!
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