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Ghia suspension fix

Ghia suspension fix

Postby jimmyp » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:41 pm

Hey, all,
Any experience or recommendations regarding adjusting the suspension on a 70 Ghia? Mine seems to be loosening my teeth more and more on my commute, but I can't get a good feel for the complexities of torsion bar adjustment from what I've seen online. Either it's really easy, or it may shear your femur in half, or something in between; hard to tell.

Thanks, and congrats on the Twinklelight award!

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Re: Ghia suspension fix

Postby drgonzonm » Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:58 pm

Did a search for ghia 70 suspension, and found a set for road course. There might be some info in there that could help

this link provides advice for both swing axles and IRS

Another thing to look at is a type 3 suspension, different approach from the type 1 ghias
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